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Can’t stop, won’t stop October 10, 2008

Posted by jamiekim in Society.
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While simultaneously brushing my teeth and shampooing my hair this morning, I attempted to reach for my body wash and loofa when I realized: a) I didn’t have enough hands and b) I couldn’t even see anything because the face mask I had put on a few minutes prior was stinging my eyes and was ready to be washed off.

At this moment, I have two (different) Web browsers active with six tabs opened in one window and four tabs opened in the other window. iTunes, Google Chat and Microsoft Word are all being used; the television is turned on with the morning news; and it’s almost time to greet my coffee maker. Oh, and I’m having a conversation via text messages with a friend in Los Angeles.

What is wrong with me?

I can’t seem to do just one thing at a time. Multitasking has become such a way of everyday life. There’s too much to do so I do a little bit of everything at once. And even when there’s not much to do, I still multitask because it’s really difficult not to

The biggest problem is that I’ve been programmed to believe that multitasking equates efficiency, that everything I’m doing simultaneously is done with my 100 percent attention. 

But according to researchers, I’m wrong. Human beings don’t really multitask. We just switch our attention from one thing to another at a lightning fast speed. Ironically, multitasking can actually slow us down because we constantly have to remind ourselves, “OK. What am I doing right now?”

I personally ask myself that question at least five times a day. With the increased use and advancement of technology these days, I can’t imagine that number going down for me anytime in the near future.