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Life After College September 12, 2008

Posted by jamiekim in Social Media.
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I’m a paranoid individual.

And I have Web 2.0 to thank for it.

Social media has turned everything into an open party. Posting pictures on MySpace; sending bumper stickers on Facebook; constantly updating your status on Twitter—it’s all really fun. Not to mention really addicting.

After all, what’s not fun about being the host of your own party and inviting all of your friends and family to celebrate?

Well. When nobody wants to leave. Or better yet, when you suddenly see a few co-workers walk-in through the back door.

Who invited them? Technically, you did.

Friends and family aren’t the only people with an Internet access.

Every social media user needs to take extra precautions, especially the members of Generation Y searching for jobs out in the “real world.” Not only can Web 2.0 make it so you don’t get a job you’re interviewing for, but it can get you fired from whatever job you already have.

Sitting behind a computer screen is no longer considered a hiding place. Your identity won’t stay anonymous for very long, especially when an employer is running a Google search of your name.

We all need to protect out privacy and calculate whether our current (online) actions can possibly equate to future consequences. You can never be too careful these days.

Sure, social media sites can be fun and friendly. But things can start getting ugly, very quickly.