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It Depends on the Issue September 18, 2008

Posted by jamiekim in Social Media.
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When I feel sick, the person who I contact first is not a nurse, doctor or pharmacist.

It is my mother.

And I call her because she is an expert when it comes to who I am. In my eyes, she is a professional and I value her opinion greatly.

In fact, if my mom had a blog and claimed herself as an expert in raising children, I would include the blog in my RSS feed and consider her a good source for parenting know-how’s. Never mind the fact that she doesn’t hold a degree in anything child-related. She has over 20 years of experience. She is qualified enough for me.

But I understand that most people wouldn’t subscribe to her every word of citizen journalism; they don’t share the long established relationship that I have with her.

To others, she may be just another blogger, another person claiming to be an expert with no professional degree to justify her statements.

And their point is valid.

Heck, even I would never trust her with a serious health concern (i.e. surgery). That is when a doctor—a licensed professional—should be visited.

If we knew when it was appropriate to seek information from life experts and licensed experts, the war between bloggers versus journalistsWeinberger versus Keen—would end.

There is no threat in educating ourselves with information found in blogs and other open-sourced Internet sites. We just need to keep in mind that there are more unbiased and credible sources out there, whether these are on or offline.