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Future forecast October 16, 2008

Posted by jamiekim in Society, Technology.
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Forget Smart House or remote-controlled kitchens. Think bigger, better and—quite frankly—scarier.

Let us begin marinating in the idea of every physical “thing” being connected to the Internet.

Ovens telling fire alarms that it’s overheating. Showers telling toilets not to flush. Microchips embedded under the skins of cows electronically notifying farmers where the cows are grazing. 

No, I didn’t just make that up. There’s actually a name for this future forecast. Experts are calling it the Internet of Things.

Although the idea of having a smart ___what have you___ is appealing, I can’t imagine what the drawbacks to this technological advancement will be. Businesses, educational systems, hospitals—every industry may operate more efficiently. But certainly we will face the issue of dependency.

Cell phones, computers, the Web, iPods and other gadgets are already playing big roles in my daily life. Throwing physical “things” operating on their own unique IP addresses into the mix spells out nothing but dependency and convienence. 

Still, who knows how far into the future experts will connect “things” to the Internet. Experts say sometime between now and 2010, but things could go wrong. It may come decades from now when my interest in technology goes on a gradual decline and I’m Googling to keep my ageing brain youthful.

Regardless, I just hope they send me a memo so I can mentally prepare myself for it. I mean, what happens when the “Internet of things” experiences a technical difficulty?

The world just might end then.